June 2, 2017


H.E. HH Princess Dr. Romona Murad (Malaysia)


HH Princess Dato’ Dr Romona Murad has been chosen as one of the candidates in the vote for the Medal of Excellence for the Most Influential Figures in the World 2014 in “International Peace and Human Rights”. Goodwill Ambassador at Peace Mission & Diplomatic Relations Organization, Board of Directors at Royal Academy of the UN and Chairperson for Malaysia at the Royal Society Group, URGC Ambassador At Large






International Royal Association of Royals & Nobles Registered Members






1. Shall never be unjust or apply prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, color, age, disability, sex, gender difference, marital status, nationality, culture, religion or title

2. Shall never attempt to convert any person from their existing religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political views or other belief systems 

3. Shall treat all people with the same dignity, kindness and respect as you would be expected to be treated 

4. Shall at all times express honesty, morality, kindness and respect to all mankind 

5. Shall treat equally, those who are rich with those who are poor and those different to you 

6. Shall dedicate what ever time that is possible in helping mankind in what ever means is within your capacity at that given time 

7. To express and be compassionate, sympathetic, or apply generous behavior or disposition to those in need 

8. When withing your capacity, means and or power you shall seek to promote human welfare

9. When possible you shall express concern and apply action in helping to improve the welfare and happiness of all people.

10. Shall never judge those who you deem to be different to you

11. Shall never apply your title as a form of authority or order or command upon or against another person or persons

​12. Shall directly and or indirectly express the ethos of love and kindness to all people

13. Shall consult and guide people in being virtuous 

14. Shall speak out against any injustices to mankind 

15. Shall respect the customs, cultures, religions and laws of other people and treat all as equals upon a foundation of a common and universal language of love and kindness and show that we are all brothers and sisters under God and to remind all that love and kindness is something we all respect and agree upon and share equally, which makes it the only unprejudiced truth that unites as all

16. To always remind yourself that our time on earth is is not unlimited and the time we are blessed with, should be spent virtuously, so that out lives can truly be celebrated 

​17. Give without ever expecting to receive anything in return and be thank-full 

18, Never expect or requests or accept any gifts of any type or money or any other type of reward for your virtuous actions as a registered member of the Royal Association

19. There are various inherited and or awarded ranks of Royal and Noble Titles, as Registered Members of the Royal Association all ranks are united equally in their servitude to humanity, and it is fitting to all Registered Members of the Royal Association to accept that virtuousness and humanitarian acts which unites us all, and cannot be measured by rank, in this we are all united and equal.

20. If it is withing your financial means to be charitable, be charitable, if it is not within your financial means to be charitable then be charitable in some other way, even if it is a simple gesture of kindness and or a few kind and encouraging words to someone, it is equally, all charitable.

​21. The Royal Association Oath is required to be taken by yourself – I hereby solemnly swear that I shall at all times be virtuous in all my acts as a member of the Royal Association and bring honor to my name and Title via my virtuous acts in serving humanity.  
















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